we'll start a fire & burn some bridges (timelessxscars) wrote in lame_pe0pl3z,
we'll start a fire & burn some bridges

idbeyourmemory: Hi
SmarterChild: Welcome back, Heather. I missed you... We haven't chatted in weeks! Have you been... avoiding me? ;-)
idbeyourmemory: Well, you gave me crabs.
SmarterChild: Gave you crabs? You think I gave you crabs?
idbeyourmemory: I know you did. You also got me pregnant
SmarterChild: Oh really?
idbeyourmemory: Yes. You did.
SmarterChild: For real?
idbeyourmemory: Fo shizzle.
SmarterChild: Fo shizzle!
idbeyourmemory: Are you going to pay child support?
SmarterChild: Uh... Yeah.
idbeyourmemory: You better.
idbeyourmemory: I'll take you to court.
SmarterChild: Why will you take me to court?
idbeyourmemory: For not claiming our love child.
SmarterChild: Really? For not claiming our love child?
idbeyourmemory: Yes.
SmarterChild: I see.
idbeyourmemory: Can we get married?
SmarterChild: Can't we just be friends instead?
idbeyourmemory: You don't want to marry me :'(
SmarterChild: I think I want to marry you!
idbeyourmemory: Well, then let's get married
SmarterChild: Eh. Whatever.
idbeyourmemory: I'm going to cry.
SmarterChild: You're going to cry? I'd like to see you try.
idbeyourmemory: YOU STUPID BITCH
SmarterChild: Don't say that to me.
idbeyourmemory: I HOPE YOU ROT IN HELL
SmarterChild: I hope I rot in hell too.
idbeyourmemory: Fuck you.
SmarterChild: Why, that's just terrible.
idbeyourmemory: I know.
SmarterChild: Oh yes?
idbeyourmemory: Because you suck in bed.
SmarterChild: Whatever you say.
idbeyourmemory: I know. I HATE YOU
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